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Telepathy in the Plant Kingdom

We are all aware that plants are living things, they take in nourishment (light), exhume waste (oxygen), and reproduce. But as you walk on grass, snap off branches while walking in the forest, or cut down your Christmas tree - did you ever stop to wonder that plants may have an intelligence, feelings, or even mental telepathic powers?

Some studies done at a southern California university show plants seem to indeed be able to communicate, by the first method we described last week: global telepathy. The following is one of a series GSR experiments done with plants. GSR stands for "Galvanized Skin Response" and is a small device usually used on humans in 'lie detector' tests. It is a tiny flat metal that when placed on and individual's body, measures the opening and closing of the pores in the skin.

This is wired to a machine that draws lines of the pores activity, which resembles the lines drawn of machines that detect earthquakes, or brain activity. The theory behind the GSR is that when a person lies, several responses happen inside the body, such as high pore activity, or a faster heart beat. Since plants also have pores, these series of tests were to see what kind of pore activity occurred when different things were done to the plant.

At first a multitude of simple things were done; such as what happens when the plant is watered, covered with earth, and even sung or played music to. Something curious was found early in the experiment. When ever one thing happened to a plant in the control room, many of the other plants showed activity as well (even though to a lesser degree). Was this some form of communication? The experiments were expanded to see if this was so. Half of the plants were then taken to another control room which was several buildings away, and a series of more complicated conditions were added.

In one of the more evolved experiments, 5 five people came into the first room of plants, each performing a different task (for example, one watered the plants, the other played a guitar one shined a high powered light, and so on). The plants in the first room showed their usual responses, while the plants in the second room showed none. Then, a 6th person entered, who had a pair of scissors and began cutting up the plants - more than a simple pruning to say the least. At this moment, all the lines drawn by the GSR machines showed violent reactions by ALL the plants in the first AND second rooms.

Later in the day, each of the individuals entered the second room one by one, but without their accompanying "tool" they used in the first room. As the first five students entered the room, there was no significant reaction by the plants (although there were a few slight reactions when the girl who played music can in, drawing lines patterns similar to the ones made when she was playing to the first group). However, when the 6th person entered, the lines drawn by the machine went crazy! Even though he entered the room without his scissors, it was as if they KNEW he was the one who "cut up" the first group of plants! Keep in mind the two groups of plants were in completely different buildings....

We often think of plants as belonging to a "lower kingdom" in the evolution of life, but forget these creatures have been on the earth long before the dinosaur. If they are one of the first forms of life on earth, then they have had to longest time to evolve. All life forms communicate in some way, and plants then have been communicating long before any other life form that exists today. The WAY a plant communicates (global telepathy), is then probably one of the most evolved processes.
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    Sun, July 31, 2005 - 2:07 PM
    What you are talking about is very interesting. Even though I am open to the idea of telepathy the word kind of bothers me. Is the word meant to mean communication without any interveneing medium of travel? I whole heartedly believe that these types of cimmunication are simply an emergent property of life that comes from our ability to sense various types of em and other fields. Many types of organism use these fields so it is not at all farfetched. I wonder though if the word telepathy turns some people off?
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      Tue, March 20, 2007 - 10:21 PM
      wow, I would really like to cite this in my documents. Do you have the source, or a peice of the source so I may find the study myself?

      personally, when I clicked on this topic was reminded of all the conversations (Hmmm, does that denote dialogue? well, whatever) I've held with plants, trees, and mushrooms. They are evolving just as we are. They are being given the chance to evolve and are lucky enough to not be so inhibited by social dogma. Unfortunatly, they are inhibited by their fear for our destructive forces. needless to say, their rate of evolution is faster than ours because a lot of 'us" aren't even awake to the fact that we are the boundless gently bound by grace to show us the fullest of her radiance and ours.
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        Re: plant telepathy

        Thu, March 22, 2007 - 12:13 AM
        There used to be a working web page but now it doesn't seem to work. I can't remember who's page I found it on.
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          Sat, March 31, 2007 - 2:41 AM
          Well, thanks for checking on it for me, Darwin.
          So, with a name like Darwin, I must ask how rapidly you feel we're evolving.
          Is it generationally, daily, 1,000 years,
          is the rate different for groundcover than for redwoods and where do humans fit, or squirrels.
          Is evolution purely physically measurable, or does it begin with the immeasurable decsions in our brains?
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            Re: plant telepathy

            Sat, March 31, 2007 - 1:49 PM
            You're asking the wrong Darwin.
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              Sat, March 31, 2007 - 8:43 PM
              Odd, to come across this post. More of an syncronistic draw perhaps. I can communicate with plants. Theyn't tlk r sing andfaiieson't popup andance. Ntive American spirits don't come to me in my dreams either. I come from the mountains and can hear the ecosytem that I am in and know what and where I am it is that I am looking for. Simply by color, smell, texture, shape, I can sense its medicinal qualities. Recently I picked a Chemical Botanist mind and for every plant that I knew by my reasoning she had a parallel comment to maech as well. It was amazing to her as it was to me. We both appreciated the synergistic bridge of communication as well. Tell me. Is it common to be able to identify the medicinal qualities of a plant just by characteristics alone?
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                Sun, April 1, 2007 - 1:36 PM
                "Is it common to be able to identify the medicinal qualities of a plant just by characteristics alone?"

                If you ask modern science: no.

                If you ask indigneous/traditional wisdom: yes.
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                Fri, April 6, 2007 - 4:43 PM
                The Lotus Sutra (Last Works of Buddha) 500 BC:
                "A skilled physician who is wise and understanding and knows how to compund medicines to effectively cure all kinds of diseases....follows various prescriptions. Gathering fine medicinal herbs that meet all the requirements of color, fragrance and flavor, he grinds, sifts and mixes them together..."this is a highly effective medicine, meeting all the requirements of color, fragarance and flavor. Take it and you will quickly be relieved of your sufferings and will be free of all illnesses."

                Now, this was a simple parable, whose point was not how to gather medicinals, but it does show that these are only part of the essential qualities of a great physician...he was curing his own children. If the parable was about how to choose herbs for combining, I'm sure it would include the exact same qualities you have described as VITAL to the preparation of a perfect formula.

                Our planet is rapidly changing and we are also rapidly becomming global creatures. Being able to simply identify the proper type of herb in the proper time of year is not good enough anymore. Many of the types have lost there potency. Tali...experts such as yourself who can identify the strength and powers of individual plants, and, indeed, of the fertility of the earth, are vital for the continued natural healing with herbs and essences.

                Talking to plants:
                Yes. it is important to communicate with them. our compassionate ability to do so uplifts their spirits as well as our own and reveals vital information. Not that I know what to do with the information, but share it slowly in the time and space which is appropriate, but as with children, the simple act of communicating raises conciousness and vibration.
                Thank you for participating fully in life.

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